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X-Ray Scanner Bag

Description :

X-Ray Scanner Bag
X-ray scanner bag - this is a game application joke. You've probably all seen Rengen phones and bags of things at airports or elsewhere? Now you have the opportunity to make fun of you if your phone is the same!
Bring the application to the school and show your friends that you can see if what is in their bag. How to play - Run the application by clicking on the Play button you will be asked to bring the phone to a bag or backpack, and click the old scanning, then automatically connect the camera is on you will need to put the camera on the bag and press start redevelopment. You'll see how it goes rengen rays bag and then the result will be! Attention! This is not a real scanner and so it can not cause harm to the health of you can use it as you want! The application is built with the purpose of jokes and drawings, as well as a prank on friends.
Play your friends in the classroom or at home parents as well as a younger brother or sister. Creative imagination and work out before making a prank. Very easy to make fun with relanym rengen image.
Download the app is completely free now and use anywhere without an internet connection! Spisibo that play with us, leave us your feedback and we will try to make our game better and more interesting for you!

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Actualizado : 2017-02-10
Del Desarrollador : Empire Apps And Games
Versión Actual : 1.0
Tamaño : 12.0M
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Instalaciones : 19214
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