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Description :

Let us explore, dig and build in voxel's world, creating a movement, digging, mining resources, process hundreds of items, travel and survival in the evening of the day!
MuniCraft is an infinite world of sand play, almost all the players want to build, and they should always keep all the tools you need to actually get the job well done
Minetest engine-based games,
Open source software (LGPL).
The game features:
~ Speed mode;
~ Camera mode;
~ A lot of models, monsters and animals;
~ Beautiful map generator
~ True reality effect of playing games;
~ Supports multiple languages;
~ Travel, buildings and squares of mineral resources in the world. Development of synthetic goods from raw materials, farming and many more;
~ Single player and multiplayer games with tons of servers;
~ Pigment based on lighting;
~ Flight modes;
MuniCraft, infinite world sandbox game, inspired by Infini miners and simple design, stable performance, portability, living, building or player vs player.
Mods, not a game thing before, more or less complete list looks like this:
Red stone, and TNT, and threw, and area, and bedrock, and bee, and dirt monster, and stone monster, and sand monster, and tree monster, and Oerkki, and underground city city main, and rhino, and cavalry, and big rat, and cattle, and sheep, and ship, and bonfire, and cart, and Castle, and Caverealms, and color wood, and color machine, and leisure farm, displayed block, fake fire, and farming added, and framed glass, and future ban, gardening, cold air block, and GloopTest, and 3D armor, and waving of views and shield, and copper block, and Tin block, and bronze block, and iron block , And silver block or gold block home decorative Modpack, and industrial lamp, and inventory classification, and project adjustment, and jumping, and lock, and map tool, and mark, and memorandum, and Mesecons, and mob, and more block, and more ore, and more trees, and notices, and pipes, flowers modpack, plastic box, and players texture, and prefabricated concrete, and quartz, and alternative products, and snow in, and spawning, and color glass, and steel, and street, and unified brick, and unified of dye, uses dirt, waving with plant world edit

Información :

Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : Hao Games Team
Versión Actual : 1.1.6
Tamaño : 21.2M
Opiniones : 8.5
Instalaciones : 32843
Enlace google play: Enlace
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