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Jenny on the Pad

Description :

Do you possess one of the intriguing models of android phone with you? If you do then you must be
search of the latest apps for it such as games. The android market is flourishing with plethora of 2D or
3D games, which can be enjoyed simply by getting it download from the Android market online or either
by contacting the mobile app developer or android app developer.The recent development in the android market for the gaming enthusiasts is the launch of the ‘Jenny
on the Pad’ games falling in arcade and action genre. It is the latest one in arkanoid game. This game
includes various bricks that need to be broken by the gamer using the ball. The unique attraction of the
game is the jennys known as monkeys, who throw different fruits on the pad which needs to b collected.
These fruits possess different high or low points making the game more exciting and complex.

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Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : NeuronSoftech
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Tamaño : 10.8M
Opiniones : 6.4
Instalaciones : 22900
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