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Helicopter Warship Game 3D

Description :

The world would be a lot better place without WMD and its race to have more Weapons of Mass Destruction than your rival countries. UN has decided to do something about this. They have assigned this task to a special force, to eradicate all these carriers carrying the illegal WMD, to finish this nasty business once and for all.So be a part of that special force, hop into one of the helicopter, and destroy all the helicopters and choppers carrying WMD, in this warship 3D game.Helicopter Warship Game 3D: How to Play:
- Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.
- Use arrow keys and Tilt your device upward/downward to control the Heli
- Take Help from Navigation Radar to locate the Target
- Tap Fire/Missile/Rocket buttons to attack on Base camps
- Spend Earned Cash to Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment
- Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.Helicopter Warship Game 3D: Features:
- Smooth and simple Heli control system
- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lightening and amazing explosion effects
- Good quality and Realistic sound effects
- Laser Guided Missiles
- Heli life bar and radar range sight
- Calibration Option
- A Variety of Helicopters

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Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : GDay Tech
Versión Actual : 1.0
Tamaño : 43.9M
Opiniones : 10
Instalaciones : 19209
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