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Eye Pop

Description :

Eye Pop; You Pop; We all pop for Eye Pop! Wonder what it's like to wear contact lenses? Wonder no more! Lens have fun with a variety of multicolored lenses in this Eye Poppin’ game! Use your fingers to pop contact lenses into and out from booger-laden and bloodshot eyes! There’s no time to waste! Scrape those boogers and relieve those bloodshot eyes with a touch of your finger. Lens do it!

- 10 cute contact lens designs.
- Did we mention boogers and bloodshot eyes?
- Put On mode: Insert lenses into the eye before time runs out!
- Take Off mode: Remove and clean lenses from the eye before time runs out!
- Eye Drop minigame: Don't see red! Drop as many eye droplets in each eye before time runs out!

*Certain items and modes require in-app

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Información :

Actualizado : 2017-02-10
Del Desarrollador : Moxy Games
Versión Actual : 2.0
Tamaño : 34.7M
Opiniones : 7
Instalaciones : 33287
Enlace google play: Enlace
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