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Description :

A marriage between Arkanoid and Ice-Hokey with something more.
You can control the spinning of the ball.
The paddle follows your finger in three customizable distances.
The game has three size, to support larger and smaller devices, but, you have to choose it manually from Options.
Disable the sound.
Three levels of difficulty.
Supports up to five different gamers.
Setup your game name.
Play in retro mode without shadows.

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Información :

Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : SMobileSoft
Versión Actual : 1.9
Tamaño : 896.7K
Opiniones : 5
Instalaciones : 42911
Enlace google play: Enlace
BallSpinnerBallSpinner 1BallSpinner 2BallSpinner 3BallSpinner 4

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