Tap Different Color Tile BB Mod Apk Gratis Full Android

Tap Different Color Tile BB

Description :

Tap Different Color Tile BB, annual craziest gameplay, find a different color tile in the colorful, if your eyesight is good enough to challenge yourself!
★★ How to play
Tap Different Color Tile BB is a very fun arcade game, the game is very playable, play simple. Within a specified period of time, the player needs to find a different tile, and label it to the next level. Later stages than the previous difficult and more complex, so you should try to find a different tile. This game is the test of your eyesight and reaction speed, good luck, come on!

Información :

Actualizado : 2017-05-08
Del Desarrollador : hotapps.sinaapp.com
Versión Actual : 6.6.6
Tamaño : 4.9M
Opiniones : 8.2
Instalaciones : 34537
Enlace google play: Enlace
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